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Passed AWS SysOps Exam Dec 29th


Thank you ACG course and Whizlabs Practice Tests as always! This is my 2nd attempt and passed, both times exam questions were similar to some of the Practice Tests. After failed on the first time (due to 3-4 questions short to pass and I didn’t read carefully like instance store vs EBS.), I tried to remember what I didn’t know and studied again, also checked out the forum (including ACG SysOps discussion room) and studied what others had mentioned in their exam. You can look it up my previous notes and search or others as well. Good luck!

Reference: Some Exam Questions

Here are some notes:

  1. Health Check, search failed but passed the status, why? Need escape chareter, Double quote, Header issue, or Size issue.
  2. SSL certificate, adding cert to other instance on ELB. CLI like “asw ec2…”, "aws elb…
    ,or “aws acm…”.https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/reference/elb/set-load-balancer-listener-ssl-certificate.html
  3. Stop Instance and Reserved Instance always got me because of Scheduled RI in my mind, but if you know which is cheaper if running weekly/monthly, then you good to go.
  4. Need to know how to read Flowlog if log shows Accept but failed to access or Reject status, what caused that?


Hi @saleng76- When you appeared for the second time, did you find questions repeating from the exam in the first attempt.

Thanks, looking forward to your reply.


Hi @Manigandan_B, I only saw few questions were same as my previous exam, pretty sure they have quite a lot in the question bank.