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Passed AWS SysOps in March 2020 on 2nd attempt


Hi All, Passed SysOps today after one failed attempt. Overall, I felt unprepared in both instances but managed to get 830 in the second attempt. Almost all the questions were case-based and not direct. I think direct questions were in the range of 10 to 15 questions, but not more than that for sure.

The format is roughly similar but not the same. But the timing was not sufficient on both exams for me. I mean I had just 15-20 minutes at hand to review the flagged questions.

Whizlabs shall have more questions around EFS/EBS/RDS (restoration and encryption, especially while the instance is already running and when these are daily routine sysops tasks). I think Redis-Memchached difference, Cloudwatch Dashboard creation, Billing, Alerts and Log Integrity topics should be covered more in the quizes. Policy questions were tough especially the ones around S3 policies, so need to enhance the level there. Used Stephen and Whizlabs primarily.


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