Passed CSAA at first try


passed at score 869.
i would say it is not easy, it is not an exam for the concepts , it is not only for when to use a particular service , it is for a specific scenario, which service is the best to use.

not even one question from the whizlab exam, but whizlab questions can help you to learn deeper of each services from the explanation it provides.

i personally read faqs from twice for the major service topics, in the real test, i still found it is not enough,whitepaper may be the best, but i did read it.

OAI, ElastciCache,read more about them.


Thank you for the feedback. Our questions help you to understand each concept with details, that will help you to manage any questions from the exam.


Thanks Krishnas,

yes, Whizlap also helped me to finish the questions in time, by practicing the trial test i ended up with finishing 65 questions and 30 mins left in the real test.


Great! Thank you for the updates!