Passed CSAP today - Many thanks to the Whizlabs team


Hello Whizlabs team,

Thanks for the great practice tests for the CSAP exam. I passed today with 91% and the Whizlabs tests and the explanations in the reviews helped me a lot.

I strongly recommend to do everyone of them at least once but I think doing them twice is even better. And then you find a lot of similarities during the exam which is extremely helpful.

Thank you guys for the awesome work.

Kind regards,


to pass CSAP is one thing, to pass with such a great score is something totally out of this world. well done Kristian. that is an excellent effort.
how long did you spend studying and preparing for the CSAP exam?


Hi Timtam,

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

About the preparation: I did the CSAA last month and continued with the exam preparation for CSAP after completing the exam for around 3 weeks. So I did not start from scratch but had already a lot of information from the CSAA exam preparation.

I used ACG and took a lot of notes that I went through several times during the last weeks. And of course the Whizlabs practice exams :slight_smile:.

Kind regards,


Congratulations Kristian on securing such a high score
It’ll be great for all of us to know if you could share more about your preparation. Such as, did you watch re:invent videos (If yes, then which ones), read whitepapers etc.?


Hi Rachit,

I did not watch the re:invent videos but watched the whole ACG course and took notes. I also read some of the whitepapers: Disaster Recovery, Security Best Practices, Cloud Best Practices to understand all key terminologies and the topics AWS is focussing on.

I think the following things also helped me a lot in understanding and remembering the key concepts:

  • Some Linux administration experience (e.g., routing setup, firewalls, plus standard network services like Bind/DNS, mail, Puppet or Chef to get the idea behind OpsWorks)
  • Building VPCs from scratch (private and public subnets, routing tables, NAT GW, Internet GW, security groups) - just add 2 micro instances to each of the subnets, use the one in the public as bastion host and make sure you can do yum update on both of them
  • Build some CloudFormation templates from scratch - I would just setup something like Wordpress with RDS, ELB, EC2 + EBS volume, security groups - for pros with Route 53, SSL certificate, SSL termination on the ELB, download and install Wordpress or run the Wordpress docker image using UserData and aws-cfn-bootstrap on the EC2 instance :wink:

For certain complex setups like Direct Connect and IAM federation understanding and remembering the diagrams from the AWS documentation helped me a lot ((, There you find basically all information, key terms, processes in a single picture. This is really great information.

All the best for your exam preparation and exam.

Kind regards,


that is amazing. thank you for sharing Kristian. Hopefully I gather my courage to do the same exam and enjoy similar lime light as you.


Congratulations on your achievement, Kristian! And thank you, for sharing your feedback.

CSAP certification is indeed a tough exam and needs a solid preparation. Your post clearly shows that it takes a dedicated effort and diligence to prepare and successfully pass the exam. So, kudos to you!

Again, congratulations and hope this certification takes you further in your career and good luck with any further certifications!

Best Regards,
(Whizlabs Team)


For “AWS Professional Certificate” aspirants,

If you have successfully completed the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate certification and are planning to go for the Professional one, the best way is to keep preparing without taking too much gap between the two exams. It is always better to learn the advanced topics while the fundamentals are solid and afresh after the associate level certification.

Even if you have not scheduled your professional exam yet, always prepare yourself ahead of time and keep watching re:invent videos, reading AWS Whitepapers, and practicing with Whizlabs CSAP tests. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post them on the forum.

Good luck!

Keep learning, keep growing!

(Whizlabs Team)