Passed Developer Associate - Thanks Whizlabs!


The tests were pretty close to the content on the new exam. The only things missing were some pseudo-code examples for Lambda. I won’t give specifics, but you need to understand coding patterns (not any specific langage) and the effect doing things certain ways can affect how your code runs.

That’s two of the three Associate exams done (Architect and Developer). I take SysOps on the 14th.


Congratulations, just remember for sysops admin associate Eat, Drink, Walk All AWS management tools , lots of practice. all the best


Congrats, Mreed911!

All the best for your next certification!

Whizlabs Team.



Thanks for the feedback. Can you please point me, from where can I prepare for these pseudo-code examples. I mean reading FAQ’s and White Paper should be enough. I am planning to give my exam in some days, your inputs would be really beneficial.

Thank you.


The whole “administering” section of the guide is good.