Passed Exam and tips


I sit the exam on 12/21 and passed. And wanted to share some info for new aspiring members.

  1. Don’t assume that by learning the answers on whizlabs you’ll pass the exam. Don’t get me wrong, Whizlabs was extremely helpful but that’s the topping on the cake; you do need to do your homework! Take an online course like ACloudGuru, if you’re not familiar with the topics.
  2. Get hands on, especially VPC, CloudFormation, S3, EC2, CloudFront and a little bit of Serverless.
  3. Do read the white papers!
  4. Make sure you get consistently 80%+ on the exams from Whizlabs, but make emphasis on going back to the documentation and AWS console so you know why you answered wrong. The key take away is try to learn and not to get right answers.
  5. On the exam, you are going to face lots of question that you are not sure, and clock is ticking. Dominate the art of elimination, this is key because at the exam, what matters is to get the best right answer, to maximize your chances to pass.

Enjoy and celebrate success afterwards!!!