Passed GCP Certified Professional Cloud Architect


I did the exam yesterday and thankfully I passed. The 3 practice test papers from Whizlabs were a real help because they accurately reflected the difficult and style of the real questions (unlike the practice test from Qwiklabs). So the £29.95 GBP fee to Whizlabs was well worth it because they give you model answers to each question which are very detailed.

Whereas in the real test the result from Google/Kryterion only indicates pass/fail. I believe the pass mark is 80%.

My main comment to Whizlabs is …
please remove questions on JencoMart case study which was retired when the new exam syllabus came out in Nov 2018, as per the link below…


hi @ukdavidco , the whizlabs tests have not been updated for the new exam revision (after Nov '18), how relevant would you say they are (except jencomart that is not valid anymore)?

are they sufficient to cover a 80% pass rate for the exam?
any questions you saw in exam that were not covered in whizlabs?


I passed the exam (first attempt) too but could not attest to original posters comment about whizlabs test. The questions were different and and while whizlabs test helped practice but beyond that its anybodys guess. Get yourself familiar with DataPrep, IAM Identity Aware proxy etc. something that is not in any of Whizlabs practice tests. Try going through Google Best practises documentation. Study how you would build backup connectivity for hybrid cloud solutions - Dedicated Peering, Interconnect, VPN… bandwidth speed each one would make sense.