Passed in CSA (Beta version) - Marc 6 2019


Yet to receive my score but I passed.

ACloudGuru training videos and Whizlab practice exam questions are good sources for preparation. But take note, only less than 15% of the WhizLab questions appear in the actual exam (Maybe due to beta version).

Most of the questions are based on troubleshooting, CI/CD, Auto scaling, deployment. Surprisingly, I have no question on calculating RCU and WCU for dynamodb. Lots of Lambda and API gateway with a sprinkle of SQS and S3.

One tip is to be generous with the flag. My 1st scan was to answer the questions to my best knowledge and flag those in doubt (Go fast).

My 2nd scan was to tackle the flagged questions, apply elimination method to reduce the possible answers and apply some rule of thumbs, e.g. IAM roles over access key, Kinesis if real time etc.

My 3rd scan was to dissect the English in the question, which can be too wordy or misleading and review all answers at the same time. You will be surprised how many answers can be corrected at this point.

That should left you with about 30 mins left. Up to you to decide from here, I got bored and end test anyway.

I guess the Beta version is much different but thank you WhizLab for helping me to prepare. :slight_smile: