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Passed my 2nd AWS certification of the month today


I passed the Solution Architect Associate on the 19th, and passed the SysOps Administrator Associate this morning(1/29)

I used Acloud.guru and a little bit of linuxacademy to study initially, but then spent the bulk of my time using whizlabs practice questions. I would go through the practice exams, see which areas I did the worst in, compare those to the weight on the exam, and determine where I needed to devote more time.

Studying the exam results was probably the most helpful. For each question I missed, I would study why the right answer was the right one and why my choice was wrong. If it wasn’t extremely clear, I would follow the link provided on most questions to that area of the AWS docs. I studied for about 3-4 weeks for solution architect, and 10-12 days for SysOps. I feel like there was a lot of overlap from my first exam that helped me pass the SysOps. I made an 896 on the Solution Architect, and will update this when I get my score from the test today.

I’d love to give any insight or help anyone that I can, so feel free to reach out to me if you’re struggling with an exam.


Congrats! I passed the sysops assoc exam a month ago after failing it on the first 3 attempts. It was whizlabs practice tests that got me to pass. I used the same method you did: see results and study anything that wasn’t clear. Had to do that on all 5 practice tests to get oh 75% coverage on the real exam. I was still shocked at some curve balls on the real exam.

I recently passed the devops pro exam. Tip: same method of study will get you a passing grade :). I don’t know what I would have done if not for whizlabs. I guess try out the others, like acloud.guru, but from what I’ve read, this whizlabs is the best.

Next up for me is the architect assoc exam: what did you think of it compared to the sysops one? I thought the sysops one was pretty hard. The devops pro one was easier from the perspective of less concepts to remember, but harder b/c longer (80 questions) and more long situational scenarios that take longer to read and conceptualize to find the right answer.


I plan on knocking out developer exam next month and then moving to devops pro. That’s really exciting to hear that you thought it was easy. I’m not sure if it was because of the overlap from solution architect to sysops, I was better prepared, or what, but I found SysOps much easier today than I did the Solution Architect Associate exam. You really shouldn’t have an issue with it, if you know what most of the main AWS resources are used for at a very high level.


Hi Jdez, Congrats on your success… please could you share some important concepts being quizzed in the sys ops exam. Thanks in advance, Mani.


With monitoring & reporting, as well as Security being the two largest parts of the SysOps exam, make sure to read the FAQ’s on CloudWatch/Config/CloudTrail/Systems Manager/Trusted Advisor/Inspector/Personal Health Dashboard/ KSM & CloudHSM/ Cognito/IAM/ WAF/ AWS Shield.

For CloudWatch, make sure you understand the best use cases for cloudwatch events, cloudwatch logs, etc…
Understand what AWS Artifact is.

Understand cost differences, implementations of, and best use cases for VPNs vs Direct Connect,

Know RDS like the back of your hand…

Hope this helps! Sorry for the late response!


Thanks a lot, did you make use of any other materials other than Whizlabs, cloudguru?


I did. I believe that LinuxAcademy.com is probably the most complete, all-encompassing resource for exams. Between the hands-on labs, the quizzes, the courses, the flash cards, and the slack community, it is definitely the best bang for your buck.


Congrats on passing! It sounds like I am following about 1 month behind in your footsteps:

Passed CSAA in Feb and SysOps Associate last week.

LinuxAcademy has been fantastic instructional materials and hands on labs, and WhizLabs has helped me kick ass on the tests :slight_smile:


@jdez Congrats! I’m aiming to take the SysOps Administrator Associate by the end of this month after 2 months of studying. How much experience did you have in this area before taking the exam?