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Passed my AWS CSAA exam but


Today I succeed in my AWS CSA associate. The third one after sysops and devops. Tests from whizilabs were a good start where to learn and practice, well done explanations, but in more than 500 questions in this labs, I didn’t even find 1 question in the real exam!
So my suggestion is to study in deep each topic and understand the concept, going through amazon documentation. Learn in memory the questions won’t help at all and most likely you will fail!

Score: from 100 to 1000
To Pass the exam you need at least: 720



I just passed my AWS CSAA too.
The test quizzes on whizlabs were great, however, midway through the exam i was wondering if I studied well enough to pass the exam.
While I was not expecting a word for word replication of the whizlabs test questions in the real AWS exam, I expected similarly worded questions. There were a few questions that seemed close to something I had seen before but in actual fact that was where it ended.
To pass the exam you really need to have practical hands on experience on most of the AWS services and not just expect a dump of the whizlabs questions.

All in all, the whizlabs practice questions were a solid base for my preparations for the exam.