Passed my SA Cert


One and done, passed the SA Cert and on to others. Managed to score and 893 from doing Whizlabs Practice tests and practice tests and watching some of their videos.

I feel like the Practice tests really helped in the review sections to help me easily find my gaps and work on filling those.

Was everything on the tests covered? No. But it was enough to get a decent passing score.


Congratulations @Rob_Higareda


Congratulations @Rob_Higareda
You’ve scored good marks, wish you the best in your future plans.

And thank you for sharing your experience. Exactly, the practice tests are meant to get familiar with the real exam, check your preparation level, and become confident to pass the exam. These are not the dumps with all the same questions as in the real exam, but yes you may definitely find similar questions that will help you in the certification exam.