Passed SAA: Exam feedback Sep 2018


Cleared with score 830. Not a huge margin unlike some people in the forum but I’m still quite happy about it:)

I took the acloud guru course and I think like most people I find the end of module tests very easy but the final mock test there very difficult. I saw many people there mention whizlabs so I gave it a try and I’m so glad I made the decison.

I only finished 4 mock tests on WhizLabs and I feel the questions exam is harder than those. Not as hard as the exam in the end of the course though. The difficulty often comes in choosing the best option instead of the only valid option. For example, there’re questions asking which solution require FEWEST application code change or require FASTEST solution.

If I could re-take the test, I would definitely spend more time in understanding how to use Route53, ELB, CloudFront, AutoScaling Group and S3 to build a high available and elastic application. Actually as pointed out by my test result, it’s the area that needs improvement.

One funny thing is after I submit the test, the screen says something like “Congratulations. You’ve completed the test”. I couldn’t tell if it’s a pass or fail given the wording and my general feeling during the exam. Only Until later that I googled and found that many people feeling the same as I did and that kind of on-screen message is indeed a pass. I do hope AWS could change the message a bit to make it more explicit.

As for preparation, I started last November on the associate course but dropped out halfway due to changing jobs. Then about a month ago I picked it up and registered the exam. In total I think I spend 60 hours in watching lectures (1.5x), reading white papers, doing labs and mock tests.


Congrats, Sha liu!

Thanks for your detailed writeup and your feedback!

Whizlabs Team.