Passed SysOps Associate on 5/11


I passed the SysOps Associate on Saturday. The material was fairly consistent with the exam content - I only completed the updated practice exams. Topics that were tested (and no surprises, really)…
– AutoScaling: know why instances may not show up aggregate metrics, why instances don’t launch and the difference between the different types of ELBs.
– Some CLI questions: what CLI commands create and attach an SSL cert.
– Cloudformation & modifications to Infra-as-Code
– S3 & static web hosting
– A few s3 bucket policies and MFA delete
– Some HA questions (I didn’t test well on this section) – EC2 for FT/HA deployments, RDS and Multi-AZ and cross-region.
– A lot of basic service questions - know WAF, AWS Shield, Config and Inspector. AWS Orgs showed up in some questions. Know when/how to use service policies. I suggest hitting these FAQs and Documentation if you’re not intimately familiar with the services.
– CloudWatch & CloudTrail. No surprise here - and usually some correlation to Notification Services.
– Billing Alerts: know where to configure billing alerts.
– No Redshift questions, there were a few references to Elasticache.
– IAM roles/users - maybe one question on STS/Federation?
– A few Reserved Instances questions - RI’s are a good fit for steady state, spiky workloads are a better fit for on-demand.
– Direct Connect Gateway: this was the only Dx Question and it was a lay-up.

Overall, the WhizLabs questions were pretty effective with exam preparation (this was a much better experience than my Dev Associate exam prep). I also had a fair amount of hands-on work with these topics so the exams helped hone in on the test topics. This exam will be more difficult if you only understand the conceptual topics.

Good luck to all who take the exam.


Hi Georgesophy

Congratulations for your achievement!

Glad to know that Whizlabs Practice Tests helped you to pass the exam.

Thank You.