Passed the DevOps Pro test


Many thanks to whizlabs practice exams. My study plan was: make sure I could get 100% on all 5 full whizlabs practice exams before taking the real exam. Took me 3 tries on avg. Some of the questions in the whizlabs practice were on the real exam verbatim. I’d say about 10 to 20. Some were concepts: you cannot just memorize answers, you have to understand why its the answer. So all 5 practice exams got me to only 13 flagged questions. I flag a question if I guessed the answer, and usually guessing between 2 because the others are obviously wrong. So, 50% on 13, I’d guess I got 7 wrong. Even if I got all 13 wrong, still good for 83.8%.

Note: I took the sysops assoc path. I failed the sysops assoc test 3 times before passing it on the 4th try. What got me the passing grade was studying ALL 5 of the whizlabs practice exams. SO worth the money. I cannot thank you enough. This method worked for a pass first attempt on the devops pro exam.


I should add that it also takes experience using AWS, either hands on real world experience (best), else through labs. And its super important to deeply study any questions you get wrong while taking the practice exams. Follow the links provided and read, then search for similar concepts and read more. whizlabs does a great job preparing you for the trick questions too. There are many mostly right answers with one or two words that make it wrong, or start out right, then veer, or multiple right answers and you have to pick the better answer based on AWS recommendations for best practice. Some rules of thumb help, like CloudFormation over BeanStalk and OpsWorks. You def need to know how to perform all of the different deployment types, including all at once, rolling, blue/green (aka A/B), and know how to implement the various flavors of these in all 3: CF, BS and OW. Also, the rollback procedures and features of each deployment type and what’s available in each of CF, BS and OW.


devops or sysops? Do u feel doing whizlabs will help me paas devops pro exam?


@Aatu - Last month, sysops associate. Yesterday, devops pro. Yes, I feel that whizlabs practice exams will help you pass the devops pro exam. Take all 5 practice exams and make sure you know all the answers to all 400 questions and know why they are the answers, memorization won’t be enough.


Thanks a lot!! Congrats fr yr certi… When you say memorization wont be enough does it mean there won’t be same questions? I heard that around 40% ques are directly from whizlabs …like dumps? Is it true?