Passed with 95 % score


Passed developer exam C00 Nov 19 with 95 % score . Thanks Whizlabs


Great Score! I have an exam scheduled on Monday. I gave all the practice tests , how is the actual exam as compared to practice tests? easier or tough? Coz i failed all practice tests in first attempts (my score in first attempt varies from 61 to 69.4), but scored well in consecutive attempts after reading explanations and going through all the documentation, along with acloudguru course revision(In consecutive attempts my practice test score varies from 80 to 90). So, question is do you think it is sufficient for actual exam? Also, i saw couple of questions in practice tests on AWS RedShift, not sure if RedShift is included in CDA (2018) study material. Any input on this would be helpful.


its very comparable i would say 90 % of the questions is from Whizlabs . Good Luck i believe you will do good
confidence is the key & don’t change your first answer :slight_smile:


Hello Husseinemam,

Congratulations on your well-deserved success!

Whizlabs Team.


Hey, thanks a lot for your input. Just passed my AWS CDA june 2018 exam, no scores yet. Also, thanks a lot to Whizlabs as well for giving me good insight on exam! Cheers!




Whizlabs Team.