Query about relevance of Whizlabs Certified Developer Associate practice exams


I have just bought the Whizlabs practice exams for the Certified Developer Associate exam.
I am dismayed to see a number of posts on the forum indicating that the content covered by the current practice exams for CDA differs considerably from the the content in the actual exams. It seems that the pre June 2018 exams were better covered by Whizlabs. My question is how often do Whizlabs change the content of the practice exams? How do Whizlabs ensure that the current practice tests are accurate reflections of the real exams?


You can’t totally rely on whizlabs. Their tests are very good for studying and understand the concepts. This will help you to answer correctly to those questions which are not exactly the same as in the test labs.
Real exams, 90% of the questions are totally different, but if you know the concepts and went through AWS documentation for better understanding, you can easily pass the exam.