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Question written in bad English


Is anybody else concerned about the quality of the questions? They are obviously written by somebody whose native language is not English. I have to spend a lot of time deciphering the bad grammar to work out what the question is really trying to ask. Please employ some editors that have a good grasp of the English language!


I see no material difference between the quality of grammar employed here and on the AWS Practice exams.
Do you have specific examples?
There are errors and I like how they have a way to report them.


Hello Trevc,

We regret for the quality of grammar. We continue to improve the questions quality and we do have a native english proof reader who help us to read and correct the language issues. Could you please point out which exams you have issues?


Hello Eric,

Thank you for the feedback about our reporting system. We are using Zendesk and list of AWS experts are assigned to every issues reported by users. We have internal SLA to answer all the queries. However, there may be a delay for few queries asked for Speciality exams.


I have taken three official AWS exams now and have not had issues with any of them.
Take a look at the CSyOpAA practice tests for examples of bad grammer and editing. Almost every question has an issue. One of the most annoying is the constant use of the phrase “which of the below mentioned”.


Yes the solution architect professional exam papers are all riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. I find one or two on every question.


Hi Jack

Regret for the inconvenience. However, we do try to bring our best in terms of technical content, grammar & pattern of the questions. Every question that is live at our platform is reviewed for grammar, technical accuracy & plagiarism check. Having said that, we might have missed a few things here & there. Please point them out & we’ll definitely take care of them.

Thank You.