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Review and feedback


I have passed the exam with 90%.

whizlabs practise exams are quite helpful.

  1. it helped in setting some kind of benchmark for your overall understanding AWS concepts
  2. it helps to review/study the faqs more. This is quite good since lot of the questions are based on faqs
  3. answers always got a good reference from AWS documentation.

only thing i found with some questions is “multiple answers” are some what ambiguous.
overall satisfied


Congratulations Srikiran!! Great score…Did you get any questions from Whizlabs in the actual exam? Can I rely on only Whizlabs? How many questions did you get in the actual exam? Are all questions lengthy ones?


questions in exam are different. there are not same when compared to whizlabs.
some questions are lengthy. you had to spent some in reading and understanding the question.

if you try target like 85% to 90% in practise exams.
go through AWS faqs more times.
also do hands on AWS platform.

Do not just rely practise exam question. use practise exam as way to verify understanding AWS concepts.