Solution Architect Associated, AWS, exam code: SAA-C01 ( Goal December 2018 )


I need to pass the exam SAA for this month of december 2018, need to know if the preparation test are updated, the AWS SAA exam is having changes this month again and I am not sure if i am studing the correct content for this next attempt on December 2018…who knows if the new AWS topics were added…or are we studying again with old content and fail?


Here is a copy of the Email from Friday, Nov. 23. I sill have questions about prep test content. Read below;

Dear All,

As promised, I have just uploaded 13 Lectures, as follows:

What is updated/uploaded:

Section 4:

Lecture 37 - VPC Private Endpoints & VPC Transitive Peering

Lecture 38 - VPC Flow logs & VPC DHCP Option Sets

Section 16 (New section) -

Lecture 209 - Cloud Trail

Lecture 210 - Introduction to Encryption and AWS Cloud HSM (Hardware Security Module)

Lecture 211 - Introduction to AWS Key Management Service (KMS)

Lecture 212 - Customer Master Keys (CMKs)

Lecture 213 - AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS ) - Introduction

Lecture 214 - AWS SNS - Reliability and Security

Section 17:

Lecture 233 - AWS S3 SSE - Detailed

Section 21:

Lecture 330 - Cloud Formation

Lecture 331/332 - AWS OpsWorks

Important Exam updates & Next Course Updates - before end of 2018

  • AWS Cognito

  • AWS Aurora


  • AWS Elastic BeanStalk


  • DynamoDB updates ( DAX)

Real Exam questions split and focus change:

This is not news, has been discussed on QnA forums multiple times over the past 3-4 months. AWS is making the CSAA exam harder than it used to be few months ago. If you are unlucky enough, you may end up with an exam that has no questions on VPC, Security Groups, CLB, NACLs, NAT…etc

And you will be bombarded with (in a shock and Awe style at the exam start),

  • 7-8 questions each on Aurora, ALB/NLB, API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB

  • 3-4 questions each on EFS, Cognito

  • 1-2 Questions each on CloudFormation, ECS

Basically, a main focus on Serverless

I am planning to add lectures on Cognito, Aurora, NLB, DynamoDB advanced features, and EFS very soon.

If this does not make it in time for your exam, PLEASE MAKE SURE, that you will Go through the FAQs of the above services.





I am planning to take solution architect exam in December , Can someone confirm if there is a change in exam format ?


But, that is from udemy…where did you get that? Does It apply for whizlab ?


Can we get update Whizlabs Patrice Question set regarding the new updates. Questions from Aurora, ALB,NLB, DynamoDB DAX, Cloudformation, API Gateway, ECS. ?