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Some Exam Questions

  1. Setup VPN, but NAT in front of Customer Gateway. Something like this:
    A. Using MAC address from Customer device
    B. Using NAT device public IP
    C. Using Customer gateway IP
    forgot others…

----I think it should be B
"The public IP address value must be static. If your customer gateway is behind a network address translation (NAT) device that’s enabled for NAT traversal (NAT-T), use the public IP address of your NAT device, and adjust your firewall rules to unblock UDP port 4500. "


You have setup S3 and VPC Endpoint, but having problem to put file in there. What issue might be?
A. S3 Bucket Policy and S3 Access Control List.
B. S3 Bucket Policy and EndPoint Policy
C. Security Group and EndPoint Policy
D. Security Group and S3 Bucket Policy
(I’m thinking B is correct answer?)

A/B are both possible?