Support center replying to questions without properly reading what user had asked


Good morning,
The Support center, response for the questions asked are not getting properly answered, you ask them or point out a mistake, they reply with some reference.
For eg, last week I had pointed out one issue with the question 19 in exam no 1 for AWS developer exam, the question was which method of deployment starts new instance
from the docs, it is
Immutable deployment
Blue/Green deployment
Rolling deployment
But the whizlab says that only ‘immutable and ble-green’ start new instance and not rolling deployment, while the AWS docs for rolling department says that

During a rolling update, capacity is only reduced by the size of a single batch, which you can configure. Elastic Beanstalk takes one batch of instances out of service, terminates them, and "then launches a batch with the new configuration". After the new batch starts serving requests, Elastic Beanstalk moves on to the next batch.


Hi John,

Thank you for bringing our attention on this.

I see that you have raised 47 Queries/clarifications requests. As of now 2 are open and remaining 45 are resolved.

I have informed the concerned expert about the query on AWS CSAA Practice Test I - Q19. He will get back to you ASAP.

Please let me know if you have any other queries.


I agree with this statement. I just got a response totally different to what I asked. People should read what’s being asked instead of just sending links to white papers.


Hi Pawan,
thanks, the issue is that it is quite disappointing and frustrated to see when support people not in a position to help or reply properly,
if they don’t reply it is fine, but if they reply just by pasting URL, it is not good at all


Hi John,

Our experts usually reply to the queries with detailed information. Can you tell me the ticket number where in you faced the issue? I will check and get back to you.