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SysOps Administrator Assoc Exam Update on Sept 24 2018


Hi Whizlab Team,

May I ask how the exam update would affect purchased practice exam?

Thank you!


Hello Felix,

Once the Beta version becomes live, we will be releasing the new practice questions. Once we release the new practice questions, you can also able to access our practice questions at free of cost.


When the Beta version is going to be live.


Hello Karthik,

On September 24, 2018 Amazon Web Services will release the new version of the SysOps Administrator Associate Exam.

Whizlabs Team.


The new exam details are now available on the aws website. It is now 130min instead of 80min, i guess this means more questions. the sample questions haven’t been updated yet :frowning:


It will be updated today. You can try our new questions.


Hi, I just checked and there are two new tests available. Are you gonna add few more tests in future?


Hello Tejasvisharma,

Righnow, we have updated 3 sets of practice test for the new AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate Certification.

Whizlabs Team.


Yes. The existing questions we have created based on the beta exam, we will add few more tests ASAP.


Hello Timtam,

We have released the new AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate practice test. Please find the below thread for more information.

Whizlabs Team


Thank you so much for the update.
I’ll go ahead and book my exam.


Hi Whizlab Team - I suppose you need to update all practice questions for sysops administrator exam. just 2-3 questions were very close to the ones which you have in your practice test and rest our absolutely new and nowhere close to your practice exams


I suppose for a long time since the last update in September 2018, you have not made any updates to the practice test, I went through the exam and questions are different from one which is mentioned in your practice test. i suggest, please review and update the most recent one