Sysops Administrator Associate exam


Today I have given Sysops exam

These are the services which were tested, Exam tests on deep knowledge on these services including CLI, JSON templates on S3 Policies, IAM roles, Cloudformation

  1. VPC: NAT Gateway, NACL, Security Groups, Route tables, Direct Connect, VPC peering, ELB

2:RDS -High availability and performance, Multi AZ

  1. S3 encryption, Bucket policy, ACL, MFA

  2. IAM roles and permission, KMS, HSM

  3. Cloud watch without this there is no sysops exam

  4. AWS inspector, Trustedadvisor, systems manager

  5. EC2, Auto scaling, Cloud formation

  6. Route 53

My resources: acloud Guru, linux Academy, Whizlabs practice tests( seen similar scenario questions, helped me), more labs