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Taking the Security Specialty exam soon


I spent a few days preparing and did the 3 practice tests available as of 2018-07-01.
I will be taking my exam soon and will post back here about my experience with real questions compared to the practice ones…


Hi There,

All the best for your exam. To be on saferside make sure that you are getting more than 90% in our Practice tests.

Thanks and Regards,
Whizlabs Team.


Would appreciate that as i too shall take my exam next week i took the AWS practice paid exam and got a score of 90 Pass was quite easy and have been using whizlabs so id really like to see what the real test offers


Any update on this exam guys anyone taken it yet


Update: I passed the exam. By just a few more points than the pass mark. It wasn’t easy.
Also I don’t think the Whizlabs questions are that great. There was a lot I wasn’t prepared for, and the questions are quite different.
Still I really recommend to do every single of the theee practice tests, and research extensively all the answers you didn’t get right in these practice tests.



When were the practice exam questions last updated?


I just took the exam this morning, I managed to finish all practice tests in Whizlabs before the exam and intensively study the comments and explanations from the practice exam’s questions, but found it quite different in terms of focus on the questions. It’s more on AMS KMS related scenario based questions than what came up from practice tests in whizlabs which I feel is more definition focus and more on CloudTrail, CloudWatch, and Amazon Config. Suggest you read more materials on encryption/decryption to prepare for this exam. This is not an easy one I would say. Didn’t pass. ;(


I made a false assumption that scoing over 90% in the Whizzlabs Security practice tests, including all the add on subjects for Kinesis, KMS etc was an indicator that I was now ready to take the actual exam.

The feedback I have had from friends that have passed all other exams e.g. SA Pro, Big Data etc. indicated this was a safe assumption.

I took the exam and did not pass, the topics of wuestions in the exam are far more wide ranging than what Whizzlabs practice tests provide i.e. for AWS Security, doing well on Whizzlabs is not a reliable indicator you will do well on the exam and pass.

Most of the questions on WHizzlabs appear to come from the paid for practice tests on AWS Security, I paid for 2 of these and got over 95% on each, this was due to Whizzlabs preparation.

There is no on-line course for Security that covers all the required topics that came up on the exam I took and I completed aCloud.guru, Linux Academy and Veal Zora Udemy.

It appears to me that suppliers that provide services to pass the AWS Security exam require more time to understand all the topics being covered so they can bring the material they sell to customers up to date. This is true for all suppliers, including WHizzlabs.

Approach I am now taking is complete all other AWS certifications first and Security last, that should ensure I have covered every topic that can come up on Security and for there to be no surprises when I take the exam again.