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The practice test for AWS certified Security Specialty is below expectation


I have taken all three practice test from Whizlabs and I think they are below expectation if one has to pass the exams. My reasons is outlined in bullet points:

  1. Reviewing and reading through comments others have posted here and on the internet, these questions are not up to the task

  2. Based on my experience with Whizlabs, I think some of the questions have been taken from DevOps Pro and SA Pro. For example I do not expect a security question to ask for High availability

  3. I don’t take staff of Whizlabs have taken the exams recently to have a taste of the areas to touch in writing these practice tests. This exams is very broad and different services are being thrown in every day.

  4. People have mentioned deep dive security related knowledge on services such as Macie, Athena, Elasticsearch, KMS, Policies, Incidence report and i have seen such in the practice tests

I also have suggestion or contribution to whizlab to help keep these questions to standard or syllabus. You could engage your community take takers, yet to be taken test takers and those with experience in AWS to submit questions. You allow the community to vet the questions and give a score rating, Internally whizlabs can cross check against Terms and conditions and add it to the set of questions. It shouldn’t take months for questions to be updated in a world of CI/CD and speed of delivery. This will help you be updated and serve future students value for money.

As it stands now, we are not getting value for money on the security practice tests.


I totally agree with this comment on practice, these practice tests are no close to exam. These exams are only heading to fail the exam. I just gave exam 4 days back.