Today attempted SysOps exam and failed


I have today attempted AWS SysOps exam and failed.
Waiting to see how much I scored.
Lot of questions and scenarios where much different from the Whizlab 5 tests.
Yes, few questions matched exactly same and few were somewhat similar scenarios as in whizlab. Approx 10 or less questions were same, similar or similar scenario or from Whizlab explanations.



Hi Ved

Sorry to hear that you couldn’t clear the exam.

[I’ve responded to you in another thread as well. I’m posting almost the same response here. Just added a feedback query for you]

When you get the domain wise score please focus on the areas that requires attention.

You should not expect the same questions of Practice Tests in the AWS exam. We create & provide various scenario based questions on relevant exam topics that can stimulate your learning & can subsequently train your mind to face the challenges of the real exam.

Having said that, we continuously update our practice tests & video courses based on the valuable feedback we receive from our customers.

  • Did we miss any specific topic in our SysOps practice tests? Any other suggestion for improvement?

— Basant


Hi Basant,

I have absolutely not expected the same question of Practice Tests in the AWS exam.
I had studied all the FAQs of all topics covered according to your tests questions. Studied few other aws documentations and whitepapers as well.
You should not say that by Mastering your practice tests prepares any candidate to face real exam.
It just plays a 5% role in the actual exam and you cannot pass the exam in 5%. It requires 70% to just pass.

Studying FAQs and documentations helped me to answer some questions. 1 or 2 questions came exactly same as in Whizlab tests out of 325 questions. 3 to 5 questions matched scenarios although not exactly. All other questions were completely out of reach. That’s all the role of Whizlab.

So, I would recommend to people who are preparing for exam, When your all the study and preparation is done, your have studied, memorised, practised all AWS Documentations, forums, discussions, FAQs, Whitepapers of all the services covered in Syllabus. Have little knowledge of out of syllabus services also, then you can try whizlab practice tests. As it plays 5% role only. Its not exam preparation.

Thank you for your guidance Basant.



Hi Basant.
Here is my score: 689/1000 where 720 required to pass.

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate (SOA-C01) has a scaled score between 100 and 1,000. The minimum scaled score needed to pass the exam is 720.

What does it mean by scaled score between 100 and 1,1000.
How the individual questions marked?