Very good Architect Associate practise tests


I’ve passed last week my AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate exam.
Using Whizlabs practice exams have contributed largely to the achievement. Putting in practice the effort of your study is always a good idea, in order to get confronted with similar questions to the ones you’re likely to encounter in the exam and to assess where you are with your knowledge. The practice exams from Whizlabs that in a very positive way, as indeed the questions are very similar - not the same but enough to provide you a very good level of comfort when you’re at the exam.
What I particularly liked is that the Whizlabs practice exams become themselves a matter of study. While consistently passing in each different attempt, there’s always an edge that you can’t fully grasp and end up failing. On those particular questions, it is of extremely relevance to review the result and to use the detailed explanations provided on why you fail. That content very quickly becomes relevant material for you to study further (links provided to AWS reference documentation) and further improve your scoring.

I’m considering taking the SysOps next and will definitely buy practise exams for it.


Congrats, joaoguerrasantos!

Thanks for your detailed writeup and we appreciate your feedback!

Whizlabs Team.