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Whizlabs Nov 23rd, 2018

What would result in the allocation of maximum amount of computing resources CPU power for AWS Lambda function?

  • A. 128 MB
  • B. 256 MB
  • C. 512 MB
  • D. 3 GB

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Answer - D
AWS Lambda allocates CPU power proportional to the memory by using the same ratio as general purpose Amazon EC2 instance type, such as an M3 type.


Option D is the correct answer

In the AWS Lambda resource model, you choose the amount of memory you want for your function, and are allocated proportional CPU power and other resources. For example, choosing 256MB of memory allocates approximately twice as much CPU power to your Lambda function as requesting 128MB of memory and half as much CPU power as choosing 512MB of memory. You can set your memory in 64MB increments from 128MB to 3GB.

For more information on AWS Lambda, please refer to the link -

The correct answer is 3 GB