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WhizQuiz Oct 23

You need to analyze a large set of data updates from Kinesis and DynamoDB. Which Big Data tool would be ideal for this scenario?

  • EMR
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redshift
  • SQS

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Hi there:)

When I saw this question first time, I answered EMR as a correct answer. But after digging around some articles, I came to know that “When it’s come to Analytics purpose, Elasticsearch is the best and cool Option to use.”

The key difference is that “Elasticsearch have advanced searching and analytical search capabilities and easy to use(Of course EMR doesn’t have advanced features)” and “AWS EMR is used to process the big amount of data(vast Scaling and large volumes) and the user needs have knowledge of hadoop and related technology.”

So, my vote goes to Elasticsearch. Is there anyone here to discuss your thoughts?

Anyhow, Thank you for your challenge Whizlabs…!

Feedback is welcome:)