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WhizQuiz Oct 31st, 2018

Your company has the following Direct Connect and VPN Connections:

  • Site A - VPN AS 65000 65000
  • Site B - VPN AS 65000
  • Site C - Direct Connect AS 65000
  • Site D - Direct Connect AS 65000 65000 65000

Which site will AWS choose to reach your network?

  • A. Site A
  • B. Site B
  • C. Site C
  • D. Site D

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Found this article on AWS Direct Connect. Think it’s related to the answer. Awaiting for Whizlabs to come out with answer and explanation.


Correct Answer is B

AWS uses the most specific route in your route table that matches the traffic to determine how to route the traffic (longest prefix match). Hence the one that matches this is Site B.

Option A,C and D are all incorrect since the shortest prefix would be chosen.

For more information on route table priority, please visit the below url


So, The correct answer is Site B

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